Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Th. J.


What do I - David Fang - and Thomas Jefferson - 3rd President of the United States of America, The Sage of Monticello, The Man of the People - have in common? Why, we're both Francophile wine lovers in fact, and we're both quite anal retentive about written records.

Jefferson drank his way through France, as the Minister to France. I drank my way through France in Waterloo, as an economics major. Jefferson bankrupted himself buying, among other things, Chateau-bottled Bordeaux wines. In his later years, he was reduced to drinking simple, cheap swill - a far cry from Brane-Mouton and Laffite (check it, that's what it was known as). I've spent far above my means procuring classified Bordeaux, Champagne, and boutique Niagara wines. Maybe not to the point of bankruptcy, but getting there. And Jefferson kept 4 separate written records of every wine transaction he ever made. Four exact same records. I keep 3. Well, 4, if you count this blog as a written record.

And that's what I, and the 3rd U.S. President have in common.


Blogger's note:

All joking aside, Jefferson was one of the greatest, and most important Americans the country has ever produced. He was also, unequivocally, the greatest American wine connoisseur, period. Yes, there is The Critic, and The Establishment, but Parker can hardly be considered a man of good taste, and as for Suckling? Suckling's just a queer who's still trying to convince the French that he's America's No. 1 wine writer. Don't believe me? Watch any one of his videos and tell me if he inspires respect.

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