Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Vincent Lamar Carter!!

Say what you will about (W)ince. The man can dunk the hell out of a ball. Greatest dunker in the history of the game - greater than Kobe, MJ, Dominique, Dr.J., Nance........greater than them all.

It's one thing to jump high, use props, whatever - it's quite another to combine them all, with such an amazing combination of grace, skill, power, and artistry. Dunkers now? Props and tricks seem to impress, but when you watch how VC dunks, you see creativity and incredible body control. He uses his body, more than anything, to create flash. That's the sign of a great dunker. No gimmicks. Even at 30, VC can still school these amateurs.

Greatest dunk of all time. 2000 Olympics, Frederic Weis, 7'2''. No need to say any more.

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