Friday, March 27, 2009

1994 Schönborn

1994 Schloss Schonborn

1994 Schloss Schönborn, Hattenheim, Rheingau.

This is the second time I've tasted this wine. The oldest riesling I've ever had the privilege of drinking. I absolutely love this wine, and this time, it seemed more vibrant, more complex than ever.

Tonight, we were all having a great time during dinner, so I wanted to try two rieslings side by side. This was actually the second wine of the night, the first being a 2003 Zilliken. Finished half the bottle - who will have the pleasure of tasting with me tomorrow night? I think I have a few girls in mind.........

Light straw in colour. Extremely complex nose - lots of citrus underneath lanolin, minerals, and a pungency that only riesling brings with age. Lovely. Lots and lots of acidity, minerals, and lime in the mouth. So complex.

For an older wine, the cork stood up very well. Very well, in fact. No streaking at all, still intact. Impressive.

Old rieslings are really one of the greatest white wine experiences in the world. To me, this is the greatest value in wine. Mature wines with more than a decade of bottle age, being sold for less than $20. Complex, transparent, and absolutely pure wines that speak so much of the slate and cool climate they come from.

Is it time to drink riesling regularly yet? What a fantastic start to a spring and summer of amazing rieslings!

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