Friday, March 20, 2009

2004 Niagara Peninsula



2004 Lailey Cabernet, VQA Niagara Peninsula

Dug deep into the cellar (closet) to pull out this bottle. My last one.

A bit hesitant, didn't want to expect too much out of a Niagara cabernet blend, regardless of vintage. I still firmly believe that people should stop trying to grow cabernet and merlot, and focus on pinot noir, but I hoped this one would prove me wrong.

Light red colour, beginning to brown a bit. Nose of tar, earth, dark fruits. Appealing. Lean in the mouth, no doubt. Well-balanced, clean finish. After about 6 hours of decanting, develops warm aromas of mocha and clay. Unfortunately, becomes insipid, and overwhelmed by the oak.

Lots of green in this wine. Which I don't mind. But this is not a good cabernet. And it just proves, with the exception of Marynissen, that this grape just does not grow well in Niagara. I wanted to love the Lailey, I really did. But the terroir here is what it is. Not meant for cabernet. Lailey's pinot noir, on the other hand...........transcendant!

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