Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Burg on sale!

I believe in fate. Especially with regards to wine. Maybe its just an excuse to justify my purchase decisions, but then, I really do enjoy drinking the wines I buy. Collecting is vulgar, and the moment I begin collecting wine is the moment that I've fallen out of love with wine.

My most memorable white Burgundy is a bottle of Chablis Premier Cru, from Montmains. Lots of tension in the wine, that resolves so harmoniously in the mouth. Such an incredible expression of richness and steely character. A wine of incredible personality and uniqueness.

Guess what? Another Bin Ends sale from VintagesOnline. Quite a significant reduction as well on this bottle. Makes me very happy. Fated to bring in a few more bottles, to see how this ages. Also, a 1995 Balthasar Ress Riesling Spatlese. Building together an interesting lineup of rieslings from the '80s and '90s to taste this summer. It's amazing how these twenty-plus year old wines are available for $15-20. Incredible. Can you imagine quality, mature, wine from any other region being sold at these prices? I love German riesling, in all its incarnations.

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