Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Did anyone know that Chris Bosh had a daughter? He's done a great job of keeping that a secret. This does not look good for him - don't want to judge if this woman is trying to extort some money or whatever, but it's not a good situation.

Did anyone read the story from the Star? Feschuk is like a salivating dog coming off a 2 week fast in his nonsensical indictment of Bosh as a "deadbeat dad". What an absolute imbecile. And to suggest that Bosh's inconsistencies are due to "off court issues"? Sigh. The Toronto Star just keeps shooting itself in the foot, and hastening along its own demise into irrelevance by keeping these pseudo-journalists on the payroll. Bosh is inconsistent? Right.........averaging 20 and 10 for three straight years is a sign of inconsistency.

Feschuk must have been brushed off by Bosh when he was trying to ask a question, or must have been teased - if not, why the obvious contempt? Be professional, and learn how to put a story together with some degree of journalistic integrity, little boy. Your current writing style fits tabloids like the Sun perfectly.

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