Sunday, March 29, 2009

A day of rest

It's been a slow day, but I'm not complaining. Watching 'Kings' right now, writing in between the breaks.

Slept until almost 1:30pm today. Went down dizzy as hell, and woke up with a slight headache. All fine, after a lot of water. Ahh, getting tipsy only means you've been drinking right. And no hangover means that the wine was of good quality. If I had yakked though, that would have been a different explanation.

Went out to Costco, and for some strange reason, that warehouse lulls me to sleep. By the time I walked up to checkout, my feet were dragging and I had an inclination to climb into one of the sofas on sale and doze.

Weather seems to be warming up. Good.

I need to recuperate a bit from all the food and wine this weekend. It's work, digesting all this fineness. But I'm ready for more.

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