Monday, March 16, 2009

Endless love

Went last week to the Ministry of Health office on Lawrence and Warden to renew my OHIP card. I detest going to that part of town. I know there's trash in every city, but how come it seems that they've all been herded into Scarborough?

One burning question - why is it that magical girls always appear in the most inaccessible places?

She came in 30 minutes after me. Tall, thin, and of the most elegant and genteel flavour I've ever seen. Pretty features - porcelain doll complexion, auburn hair in a high ponytail, with the most radiant brown eyes. Plump, full lips that glistened in the cheap fluorescent government lighting.

Our eyes met, and held a long gaze. There was no more than 15 feet between us, but spiritually, we were forever estranged.

I handed them my ID, took a new photo, and left. Fate doesn't cooperate with what the heart desires.


Went to First Canadian Place to conduct our first meeting. I felt like such an imbecile trying to figure out which bank of elevators to take to get to the 59th floor. Turns out you have to go down a level, to get to the odd-number floors. In this environment, I'd be crushed in 2 months.

Going to be in Montreal tomorrow and Wednesday. Should be fun. Montreal......sigh...the setting of yet another past heartbreak. Too sad to tell.


  1. why were you there for 30 min???? I usually have to wait 5 min. and maybe you should have made conversation.

  2. Yeah, the lineup was crazy. The actual renewal only took 5 min. lol, Serene, when has making conversation ever worked for me?