Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hope for 2008's

So, important news. If you like wine, you should be interested in the fact that the 2008 Bordeaux En Primeur campaign has begun. Everyone's gone to southwest France to taste through the 2008s in barrel, and hopefully, confirming that this is indeed a fine vintage.

Here's the problem - who will buy, and at what price? I know what I want to pay. After being horribly disappointed by the 2007 levels, I want to see at least a 30% average decrease in price. I'm feel sorry for the Bordelais, especially if quality is high, but at risk of sounding like a broken record, prices need to go down. For Bordeaux proprietors to have any more credibility with the public, this is what needs to happen.

Having said that, I did buy a fair amount of 2007. Against better judgement, and what the critics said, I added to my vertical of La Lagune and L'Arrosée, but most of my order comprised of Pessac-Léognan whites and Sauternes.

For the 2008's I think this year might be a good one for buyers. Of course, with the assumption that prices return to 2002 levels, or even 2004 for that matter, this will be a year to go after the First Growths and super-Seconds. I still don't think I will, but if prices are right, I'm willing to put some money into this year.

We'll see En Primeur prices in about 4 months. Looking out for:

La Lagune
Pontet Canet
Ducru Beaucaillou
de Fargues

We'll see how charitable the Bordelais feel this year.


On a completely different note: Just got a bizarre call from a complete stranger. She was sobbing audibly, and clealry upset about something. She was looking for a Steven, and completely convinced that I was him. How do I know she was upset? I kept asking her who she was, and she kept replying, "Stop it, you know who this is."

Sweetheart, I don't know. Sorry for the misunderstanding - wasn't trying to mock you. And Steven, shame on you, whoever you are. Apologize to this poor girl, and give her a call. Shame on you.

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