Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Inspiration does come from where you least expect.

Don't know the reason for these last few comments - I must have hit a nerve. But why is it that the topic of taste always brings with it an unjustified amount of cynicism and snark? Maybe its the depressing late winter weather. Everyone's a little cranky and jumpy.

Taste is subjective. I believe I have good taste. You might not think so. And if you disagree, that's fine. I have no problem being critiqued - as long as it's backed up by a discussion of your perspective and reasoning, and done in a respectful, civil way. Unfortunately, it hasn't been like that lately.

The internet brings us together, but it also provides a way to snipe at people you don't know, in the comfort of anonymity. It's revealing, when people leave comments as "Anonymous". Do you know what that signifies? That signifies that these people would shy away from saying vicious things to you in person, but have no qualms about doing it online.

In any case, this is a blog about wine. It's about sharing a love for wine, and the culture that surrounds it. Everyone has an opinion and everyone's a critic, but my objective is clear. And do you see, in any of the attacking comments written, anything pertaining to wine? No. Do you not know anything substantial, or care enough about wine to engage in a discussion with me about it? Do you have to resort to personal, irrelevant attacks to somehow assert your intellectual/moral superiority? Calling me a snob, over and over again, while you never state what exactly I've written to give you that impression? Come on, name-calling is for the schoolyard.

Let's talk about wine. I wanted to attract like-minded lovers of wine and food to this blog, and engage in debate and dialogue about our experiences. No one's an expert, and we all have much to learn from each other. In this regard, I have failed. So if you're not interested in wine, please visit other blogs. Take the bitching somewhere else, because I don't need to have to deal with you.

I try to stay humble and contrite when I write about wine, because wine and nature are too subtle and vast and ever-lasting to be fully understood. I admit that my knowledge and experience are very limited - I've never claimed otherwise. However, I can truthfully say that I appreciate wine and all it offers. I will always be honest and write from the soul, never from what convention states as fine literature. And if you disagree with what I have to say, be a grown-up, and leave a tasteful comment. And please, leave a name.


Nose is really starting to leak today. It's too hard not to get sick - I tried to be careful, but winter is a son-of-a-bitch.

Despite all the negativity, my blog traffic has shot way up the last few weeks. There's nothing like some conflict and drama to attract curious bystanders...............

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