Monday, March 9, 2009

Niagara Tour - 13th Street Winery


13th Street Winery

It's so exciting to visit a winery for the first time. I've heard a lot about their wines, and we were able to taste through a fair number. Enough to get a sense of the winery's style and personality.

We really enjoyed our time here. The lady was very friendly, and we talked about the winery, Niagara, and wine in general.

The wines are well-balanced, understated representations of what seems a sensible approach to winemaking. I can see all the wines being able to marry well with food, which is what good wine is supposed to do. Maybe won't light a fire, but they make good wines.


My favourite was the 2007 Funk Vineyard Riesling, VQA Creek Shores. Lots of citrus and lanolin on the nose. Great balance in the mouth, ending in a refreshing, slightly off-dry finish. It doesn't shout riesling in a show of flash, but how come the majority of producers still havn't figured this out? Un-balanced wines are pointless and crude - if it doesn't go with food, then it doesn't belong on the table.

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