Monday, March 23, 2009


Since last Monday, and up to tomorrow, my schedule's abnormal. But getting back to normal soon. Some things to look forward to.

Birthday dinners! Starting this weekend. Lots of great food and of course, bottles and bottles of wine. Some Bierzo coming out, which is very exciting. Unknown wine regions are always extremely exciting, and always opportunities to learn.

Tried to do some electrical work yesterday. The light and fan switches in the bathroom need to be separated, so that the light doesn't need to be switched on along with the fan. Waste of electricity. Learned very quickly that rewiring switches is very, very complicated. Shocked myself badly too, when my hand brushed against the plate. Scared the shit out of me because I heard a zap. That's the last time I'm attempting anything electrical. Plumbing, I can handle. Electrical, liable to kill me.

Worked out today. Getting stronger, feeling real good. Only hard part is willing myself to drive to the gym, but once I get there, I go hard. I owe my new found confidence in training to my trainer. And I want an 8-pack by July.


  1. yo you better show me this 8 pack. or better yet post a photo of it on ur blog :P

  2. How about this:

    When (or if) I get my 8 pack, I'll pose for cliched, stereotypical douchebag self-photo. You know, in front of a mirror, massively gel up my hair like a cartoon character, lift up my shirt with one hand, camera phone in the other, and making pouty, suggestive lips? All while slathered in baby oil? Is that imagery disturbing enough for you yet?