Sunday, March 15, 2009

A note on Niagara reporting

I've written a few posts on my Niagara Tour, with many apologies for being so disjointed. In the past, I've written about everything back to back, to keep my thoughts organized. I don't know why this has been so this time around - maybe because my current tour requires a more delicate touch.

I written about 3 of the 4 properties we visited - 13th Street Winery, Thirty Bench, Lailey. The fourth one? To put it into context, it was the first property we visited, and the most important one. I've had a running argument with a few random people here on this. And I've been instructed to be discreet when blogging about the appointment. So what do I do? See how scared I am? Havn't even written the name of the place yet!

I'll let this sit for a bit longer. I definitely want to write and share the details of my visit with everyone. I also want to respect the winery, and the people we met. It's very hard not to be enthusiastic about wines that amaze, so keep checking back in the next week. A post of LCJ is coming!

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