Saturday, March 21, 2009

On closures

A lot of fuss has been made about wine closures. Cork, Stelvin, synthetic, reconstituted cork.........there are a lot of options. But today, opened a wine with a closure that I've never seen before, and that I quite like. It's almost like those glass stoppers that I use to close up wines to drink another day. Photos below. My favourite closure? Corks for aging, Stelvin for drinking within a year after bottling.

This is obviously not for long aging, but 99% of people don't age wines anyway, so that's not an issue. Tight fitting - I had this bottle sideways for 3 weeks now, and it seals everything well. Superfluous packaging though - screwcap on the outside, which was completely unnecessary. Good. I think I'll keep this, it'll be useful as long as it'll fit other bottle necks.

I'll write about the wine in detail later. It's a Sicilian white, by the way.




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