Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Post workout

I've been pounding the gym hard this past week. Weights and cardio everyday since Sunday. My arms havn't stopped hurting since I met my trainer last week. He's a great trainer - how do I know? The first thing he said to me was, "Out of everyone in this gym, I have the most experience." Good man.

How does wine/alcohol affect how your muscles heal? Other than the dehydrating effects of alcohol, I don't really see any detriment to drinking. Besides, I drink so much water and tea during the day.

What else........the weather's kind of flirting with us. Warm one minute, then frigid and windy the next. Have to keep reminding myself that this is Canada, and our spring doesn't really come until mid-April.

What to drink in this kind of weather? I'm still inclined to drinking heavier wines. Southern French wines, clarets, and the odd Spanish wine. Suggestions? Counting down the days until I can dive into well-chilled Albarinos, cremants, and rieslings.


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