Saturday, March 14, 2009


There's nothing that feels more compromising and exposed than lying flat on a dentist's chair. The smell of the anaesthetic, sound of the drill - it's all not unlike torture. And knowing that they're scraping out months worth of plaque and gunk from under your gums......just dirty.

It's almost an out-of-body experience lying on that chair. I closed my eyes, because I was getting a shower from the water gun she was using to loosen the plaque. I had the distinct feeling that my right leg was somehow shorter than my left. And I was pinching myself hard enough to draw blood, without even realizing it. And I'm paying them to do this?

Visiting the dentist is the only occasion in which I pay for a service, but hope that they cut corners. Where I hope that the dentist conveniently forgets to go onto my upper teeth. That a quick check with the little mirror pick will suffice.


In all seriousness, dental health is extremely important. I like my dentists, they're all great people. But you kind of wonder how Chinese people managed for the last 5000 years, where dental care consisted of a rinse of green tea before and after a meal.

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