Friday, March 6, 2009


This week has been rough for me. It's the first time that I've experienced real negativity since I've started La Cave de Fang, and honestly, it gets to me. I won't lie, I'm human, and harsh comments hurt. But, I've put myself out on the internet, and I guess everything I post here is fair game. Be respectful. I'm a normal person, like everyone else, and being on the internet doesn't mean you can lob any kind of insult you want. Let's have a fair discussion if we disagree, instead of a pissing contest that degenerates into vulgarity.

Moving on. I've been sick this week with a cold. It's been more than a year since my last one, so it's due, but the week before I go to Niagara? Come on, man, that's just cruel. Things seem to be better, after seeing my doctor, but still not feeling 100%. The best medicine for a cold? Sleep. It's simple, no need to buy all kinds of syrups or drops or pills. Get 10-12 hours of sleep. And lots of NeoCitran.

Going on my Niagara tour tomorrow. First visit up since last June. Disappointed that I wasn't able to go last autumn, but it is what it is. Good lineup of wineries planned, and I have many things that I want to ask. It probably won't endear me to the good folks up there, but I want the honest truth, without any gloss.

I want to learn about what each winery feels about Niagara terroir, and what it consitutes. I want to know how everyone feels about wineries that try to grow 15 different varietals. And I want to know how each winery plans to expand, and build the Niagara brand as a credible wine region around the world.

Drank a beautiful wine tonight - at least I thought so. Mother didn't enjoy it so much. Tuned my palate for tomorrow. Ready for the aromas and flavours that await!

Excited, really excited for tomorrow. I'm really sorry that two of my friends can't come. Going to some new places tomorrow, tasting a lot of new things. A full day of wine, food, and friends.

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