Thursday, March 12, 2009



spitting wine

One of the great things I can indulge in when I'm in wine country is slurping and spitting with reckless abandon. I don't care how many people think its affected or pretentious, you simply cannot experience the entire flavour spectrum of a wine without properly rolling in your mouth, whilst sucking in oxygen.

You make a lot of noise, but you don't get the same looks of incredulity that you do when you're among non-wine lovers. Why is that? Insecurity?

When you're touring several wine producers, and tasting around 100 wines over a period of around 5-6 hours, you better spit. If I didn't, I'd be floored by the time we get to the second winery. And obviously, driving would be out of the question. Don't drink and drive. That's why I feel a bit self-conscious when I'm spitting. I've seen some great wine spitters, and it's definitely much harder than it looks. In fact, its almost a rite of passage among wine circles - the ability to spit accurately and cleanly is a very admired skill.

I've managed to be able to not dribble and generally am able to spit with an acceptable degree of accuracy. Meaning, most of it will end up in the bucket, instead of on my pants, shoes, floor.............

We were tasting in the cellars of some of the properties we visited, and this was a bit trickier. No spittoons, just a drain to aim at. That's the real test. To spit standing straight, without splashing. Alas, while I fared a bit better than my friends, more diligent practice will be needed.

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