Sunday, March 1, 2009




I love Spanish girls as much as I love their wines. Soulful, with great character and depth. Lots of intensity.

Greatest film I've watched in a long, long time - Vicky Christina Barcelona. I've always admired Penelope Cruz, and her performance in this film clearly demonstrates why she won an Oscar.

She doesn't appear until about 50 minutes in, more than half way. But in every scene, she throws herself in a frenzied display of love, jealousy, and fiery passion. She's the kind of woman that, when you're with her, you're in heaven - only if you cross her, you're as good as dead. I wonder what her wine equivalent would be. Just incredibly emotional, fragile, but with great power and flair.

Set in Spain, with lots and lots of wine being drunk. Perfect. Really, really, really lusting for a bright Rias Baixas.

I loved this film. Brilliant, riveting, creative. Didn't really appreciate the odd narration, but I loved the screenplay. The writing was absolutely brilliant. Lots of repitition of lines, lots of short, clipped phrases. And the version I watched didn't have subtitles. Hopefully, that was intentional. I loved that they spoke so much in Spanish, not only because it's a beautiful language, but also because the actors are able to convey so much emotion using their native tongue. Not being able to understand the dialogue makes the scenes more forceful. Brilliant!


Had a good day today. Dropped into Goodlife - need a bit of a push, but my fitness isn't as bad as I thought. Especially considering I havn't been running since lat September. Only 3 more months until I can run outdoors again!

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