Saturday, April 4, 2009

1993 Rheingau

1993 Balthasar Ress

1993 Balthasar Ress Johannisberger Erntebringer, Rheingau Riesling Spätlese.

This producer isn't exactly what comes to minjd when you think about great rieslings. But let's be honest, it's an old riesling and it was on sale for $13. Name one other wine with 10+ years of age, under $15, that can deliver.

Very deep gold colour, looks very mature and ready to go. Intense nose of apples, minerals, and honey. Lots of wet rock, I love it! Very attractive, sweet nose. It's a big wine, and far from levelling off. Simple, but this is a perfect example and expression of what old riesling can deliver.

Elegant in the mouth, lots of sweetness. This is where the wine drops a bit. Not enough acidity - the sugar hangs on too long at the finish. Good minerality.

Regardless of its reputation, I like this wine. Maybe because I just love old rieslings period, but this is a charming wine. Proves that these wines need age, to truthfully unveil their personalities.

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