Sunday, April 26, 2009

2003 Sauternes

2003 Chateau Roumieu

2003 Château Roumieu, AC Sauternes.

The third wine of Friday's dinner, this one takes me back. I can't even find an entry for this wine in my cellar book - I must have had it for at least 3 years. When I bought this wine, I must have only tasted about 2 or 3 Sauternes - I think I paid $25 at most for this bottle. Its been through many moves and changes along with me, so I only thought it appropriate to open it alongside the 2003 Château L'Arrosée. Also, I don't think the 2003's are meant for long aging.

Deep golden colour, still very yellowish. Thick nose of apricots, long-an, and dates. Very fresh fruit. Develops a chlorine-like minerality. On the palate, it is very viscous, thick and heavy. Honeyed fruits, sludging into a long finish. Very sweet. Extremely low acidity. This is cloying, and although some may enjoy this style, it tastes unbalanced to me. Far too much sweetness, sticking to your mouth. Minerality comes through - this wine has good complexity, but they were not able to work around the extremely (over)ripe grapes of 2003.

I won't complain, because I'm very happy every time I get the chance to drink Sauternes. Glad I opened this bottle, and got it out of the way. Can't wait for the 2007's to arrive.

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