Friday, April 3, 2009

2005 Graves

2005 La Fleur Jonquet

2005 Chateau La Fleur Jonquet, AC Graves.

This is definitely a wine that's overlooked by most people, which is a shame. White Bordeaux is one of those wines that fulfills the times when you need a fuller, richer white wine, and want to drink something other than chardonnay.

I bought this wine last year. First thing my roommate said about it - It's so pretty! I assure you, I don't buy wines because I admire the label.

This wine gives an older name, Graves. About half each of sauvignon blanc and semillon, with 8 months in oak. It looked a lot greener last year - a bit of bottle age has given it more colour.

A nice bright golden, but by no means deep. Clears at the rim, still retains an almost greenish tint. The nose is where this wine amazes. Explosive green aromas, just a booming blast of sauvignon blanc fruit. Grass, bramble, green pepper, spice, tropical fruit, and just a hint of honey, but very pungent. Very animalistic. Very, very sauvage. Incredible how the perfume just explodes out of the glass - this wine takes no prisoners.

The palate confirms the bouquet. Lots of green, spice, grass, and lemon zest. Good weight, elegant texture, with balanced acidity. Slight bitter on the finish, to keep things interesting.

A fascinating wine. Well balanced, ripe fruit. Explosive sauvignon blanc. I have another bottle of this put away, I'm hoping that with some more age, the sauvignon recedes into the background, and the richness of the semillon comes forward. We'll see.

White Bordeaux is a fantastic wine, really worth looking out for. I'm glad - I bought a lot of white Bordeaux from the 2007 offer. Excited, and a bit impatient, to taste these wines in a more classic vintage.

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