Saturday, April 25, 2009

455.3 km

That's how much I drove today. To London, round-way. Lower back a bit sore, but otherwise, arrived alive.

It was great to walk around Waterloo campus again. Completely empty, except for a few loners students still hanging around. Not even Tim Hortons was open. Too bad. I still have a bit over $9 on my Watcard, and I wasn't able to use it. Still screwing me over financially, after all these years...

I took my mother through some of the classrooms. When you walk through campus, it's a funny feeling - when you point them out, it seems like you've had classes everywhere. Which is true, if you add up each term. There was an event going on in AL. Lots of toddlers.

A bit wistful - has it really been a year since I've graduated? Going back to visit high school was one thing, but returning to your university has a different aura to it. I feel old, and decrepit, and disillusioned with post-academic life.

Otherwise, today was fine. Beautifully warm outside. Getting very windy, but the rain held off until we arrived home. Still remember the road to Waterloo like the back of my hand, but I don't think I'll be returning again.

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