Saturday, April 4, 2009


Entering April, feeling excited. My favourite month of the year. A rebirth, when the air smells sweeter, the sun shines warmer, and the soul feels regenerated.

Sigh...turning 23 in a few weeks. What have I accomplished in my 23 years of living? Does building a somewhat decent wine cellar count?

Some great things coming up this month. Heading back to Waterloo campus, and making a trip up to London. Hosting a dinner next week. Hopefully I can squeeze in another dinner with my friends before the summer term begins.

Trying to control my wine spending, in anticipation of future offers. My 2006 Bordeaux En Primeur orders will begin arriving in late spring. Have to pay the other half of the deposit for that. And of course, in August, the 2008 En Primeur offer will be released.

At least I'm not really spending on anything else. I havn't bought anything else except wine since last year. Literally. Next purchase - my Nikon.

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