Sunday, April 5, 2009

Chapped and knifed

At risk of sounding like a chick, I'm going to talk about my lips.

The cold is gradually going away, and I'm happy to admit that this winter season, I didn't suffer too badly from chapped lips. Lip balm is girly, but when your lips are all cracked and bright red from the irritation, nothing feels better than slathering minty lip balm on them.

Oh, and another interesting (to me) thing about shucking oysters. Its a good story, I promise. Two years ago, I was shucking oysters in the kitchen. Not very good at it. I blame the knife. My right hand slipped as I was trying to force the point of the blade into the lip where the shells meet, and I plunged about half in inch of the knife into my left hand, just in the centre of the meaty part under the thumb.

It wasn't just blood that poured out. The flesh turned inside out. I'm ok with blood - flesh is another matter. I immediately fell faint, light-headed, and started to sweat like (excuse the tackiness) OJ in traffic. Yeah, I thought I could tough these kinds of things out - guess not. Anyways, my mother was convinced that I needed stitches, and I was almost ready to go to the hospital. After running my hand under ice cold water until it was numb, the blood stopped flowing - I have awesome platelets in my blood.

I ended up just bandaging it up really good, and I went to work for the next 2 weeks with a massive wrap on my left hand. It was fine, I still retained full function of my hand. And to think, if I had paid $55 for that really fancy knife, it'd probably have gone right through the hand, bone and all.

I'd be single-handedly blogging.

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