Friday, April 24, 2009

CSC, earned!

So, before I get into tonight's wine, I have to do some chest-thumping.

As I said before, it's quite clear to me now. I am the greatest...indubitably, the greatest. When it comes to exams, to pressure-situations, I have no conscience - I just get shit done.

I passed my CSC, Exam 2 with flying colours, only only 5 days of work. What else needs to be said....I'm the greatest.

But in all seriousness, as the title says, I earned it. I did it the hard way. No cheating, no short-cuts. Just a lot of concentration, with lots of reading and tons of practice questions. My mother asked me why it seemed so painful to do exams, but it is my way. No rest for the hard-working.


Had a long dinner tonight, with some great wines. I feel a hangover coming on tomorrow.

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