Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Exam today. Got a bit lost, but not far off from my mark. Arrived 20 minutes early - I hate waiting for an exam to start. Just want to get in, start immediately, then get the f*ck out.

Finished the 100 question M/C exam in about 90 minutes. Unsure about a lot of them. What else is new. When have I ever been supremely confident about an exam?


Will be waiting anxiously for the results. In the meantime, can finally start to relax, and think about other things. Big weekend coming up. Lots of grand wines will be opened and drunk. Also, a trip up to Waterloo and London, to take care of some things.

Cleaning sea cucumber today, for Friday's legendary dinner. You have to remove all the membrane inside, or else you'll stink up the whole dish. Now I smell fishy.

Why does the week feel like its over already?

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