Thursday, April 16, 2009


Health is important, I'm realizing now. It's wrong to think that being thin translates to being fit. I still face the same risk of heart disease as anyone else. So, I'm taking steps to change that.

I told my trainer, Mr. Filipino, very clearly that my goal for working out wasn't to build bulk. I don't want arms that look like thighs, and that perpetual slouch you get when you have over-developed back and shoulder muscles. I want strength, endurance, and shape. Plus, I'm far too pale to see definition clearly. Do I look like someone who'll tan for muscles to look bigger?

He's putting me on this pretty intense program - lots of sets, no rest, and lots of free weights. Mr. F told me he doesn't want me to go for the huge weights, but that with his program, I'll be able to bench press with the best of them. Ok sir, my body is in your hands.


  1. david, what happened to having to study?! i'm not done exams til next week :(

    btw that eiffel tower is messed.. she prob loves it b/c its a phallic symbol that cant ever reject her.. friggin messed up man

  2. dun feel bad, i'm studying all weekend too. out of practice, can't get into it anymore...