Monday, April 27, 2009


Ok, so I didn't exactly represent myself very well with those last 2 comments. But, they've been deleted, so that's the end of that. I need a cooling off period of at least 10 hours after someone comments, or I'll just sound like the biggest f*cking asshole.


I did something really stupid today. Not my finest moment. Heated some hard-boiled, shelled, eggs in the microwave (yes, I know, I've done many times safely). It was fine out of the microwave. I didn't try eating it until after at least a minute. The minute I bit into it, the damn thing just exploded. Like, bits of egg white and yolk flying everywhere. All I felt was a huge *pop*, a hiss of steam, and a massive wall of shame and hurt.

I burned the tip of my tongue really bad, as well as my left thumb. Learned my lesson. After you heat eggs, make sure you let them sit for a while. Those little f*ckers are just ticking time bombs.


Absolutely balmy outside, isn't it? Beautiful. last day of being 22. Sigh.


Read this little anecdote:

The Exploding Egg!
Wed Nov 14 03:01:29 GMT 2007 by Ok
I can't believe I found this. This is crazy. People should know about this silebt killer. This morning, I microwaved a peeled hard boiled egg that was in the fridge for about 40 seconds. I took the egg out of the microwave and about a minute later sat at the table and biit into the egg. It exploded in my mouth. There was egg all over the place, up my nose, on the floor and all over my dogs. It wasn't just a small explosion, it was like an M80. It was a loud bang. My lip is fat, my gums are bruised and I have a ringing in my ear. This is crazy. Peopl need to know about this silent killer.


  1. Happy early Birthday David! after I read your post, I will try to microwave an egg and feed it to somebody at work next time.. ahhahahaa.
    did you get to see the glasses this weekend?

  2. lol, only for the people you hate!

    i havn't looked at the glasses yet!