Saturday, April 4, 2009

Les huîtres


Oysters Shucked

I love oysters, and I try to eat as many as I can, when the opportunity presents itself. My local grocery store was selling them, 3 for $1. The season for oysters is ending, and against my better judgement, I bought a dozen. I'd tell you the exact type of oysters these are, if I remembered. No matter, they're not worth mentioning.

Small, but felt heavy. Didn't seem too bad. But, 3 of them were dead and stinky, and the rest were watery and bland. Just very unfortunate.

At least I got some good practice shucking. There's very few more satisfying things than feeling the top shell give way to your knife. There's almost that muted pop, the gentle feeling of the muscles letting loose. It's like hitting a tennis ball - it's so hard to describe the right technique, but you know exactly when you nail that sweet spot.

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