Thursday, April 23, 2009


It took a long time today, and lots of clicking, but all the post labels have been entered. If you look on the left, on the sidebar under the Blog Archives, you can see all the labels. Click on Wine Experience, and you see all the wines I've written about. France takes you to all the French wines, Germany to German wines. Makes everything much easier to see, so there's no guessing from the blog titles what the content is.

My mouse wrist is sore now.

Dropped into LCBO, they finally have that bottle of grillo I was looking for. Walked around a bit, really wanted to buy some of the Ridge wines,'s been too long since the release. Next time, for sure. Monte Bello, I'm coming for you!

Posts have been a bit dry lately, I know. I know. Content will be jacked up starting tomorrow, when a trio of grand wines will be opened, drunk, and remembered...

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