Sunday, April 19, 2009

Morning after

Well, I finally finished reading. 11 chapters, in about 10-12 hours. Don't know how much I absorbed, but really, who reads a finance textbook word by word?

My mother has a guest over, so I'm camped upstairs. She chastised me all morning, because my appearance on Sundays is always uncouth.

Just havn't been in the mood to go out and do stuff. Need to finish this damn exam, pay off that personal training bill - maybe then will my load be lightened. Been so stressed, I've literally only had about 2 glass of wine for the past 2 weeks.

Hardly seems like it's going to be my birthday soon. But then, turning 31 isn't really something to get excited over. Do have some wines ready though. Bordeaux, 2003 - Right Bank and Sauternes. See how out of it I am, I havn't even made plans to get together with friends...

At some point during my studying today and tomorrow night, I know I'm just going to go: f*ck it - I'm done.

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