Sunday, April 12, 2009

Moving my wine, yet again

This is getting ridiculous. I have to find a new home for my wines, again. This is what, the 4th move in 18 months? My goodness.

This is nothing against my friend, who's been providing a home for my wines for the past year. They've been very gracious in providing a space for me, without charge. I'm more upset with myself. Disappointed that I can't even work out something as basic as storage, after all these years of amassing my wines.

In any case, I think I've found a more long-term solution. Another friend has very kindly offered to provide sanctuary for my collection. A bit further away, but I went to see her storage room today, and it was perfect. I think the move will be soon, before it gets warm.

I want to do it at night. Load up my car at the current location, drive over to my friend's house, then unload. Three hours maybe? I'm not so worried about what all the boxes will do to my back rather than what the move will do to the wines. All the jostling, all the temperature changes, the agitation. I feel really bad about it, but that's the situation.

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