Thursday, April 30, 2009

Nose and palate

I'm working hard at improving my palate. How? Lots and lots and lots of tasting different wines. I want palate sensitivity to increase, obviously - sensitivity to the nuances in wine are what sets apart the enlightened tasters from the casual quaffers. But palate isn't like a bicep - do enough barbell curls and you'll notice muscle mass increasing. How do you tell that your palate is improving?

To put it another way, how do you ensure that your tasting methods improve your palate? You could very easily be drinking without thinking, and really get nothing out of it except a raging hangover.

Have to make sure that I'm improving and not adjusting. Some people can't stand the bitter taste that some tannins can have, but slowly develop a taste for it. That's not improving. That's just adapting.

If there's an exercise you can do to improve the palate, let me know. I'd totally be willing to do anything to gain whatever advantage I can.

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