Monday, April 20, 2009


April showers. Resting a little before getting back to studying. Just have, oh, 200 questions left to do, and then a redo of all 4 exams. Nice. Should be able to sleep by 5am tonight - I think.

Watching, ah yes, Daily Planet. Ziya is awesome. I'm jealous of her job and her co-host (how do you get a job like that?) And who knew I would be so interested in a science show? Ziya!!


In no mood to be thinking of birthday festivities. I have in mind the wines I want to drink, but......something's not right. Just doesn't feel right, like we shouldn't be celebrating in a time like this. In any case, I will be drinking Right Bank claret and Sauternes with my parents, Champagne with my friends.

I've been seeing a traditional Chinese doctor, who's prescribing weekly herbal medicines for me. Nothing's really wrong, but if the purpose of Chinese medicine is to correct chemical imbalances in your body. And yes, I do feel unbalanced. His orders are to stay away from spicy food, late nights, and, gasp, any kind of alcohol.

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