Thursday, April 16, 2009

Post No. 601


600 posts. It's been quite a few months. Niagara trip, my best tasting trip ever. Le Clos Jordanne - I still have to do a writeup, 1.5 months after. Spring here. A stressful few months, but I survived, and am looking forward to the summer.

The wine situation at home's been strange. Drinking some things out of the cellar, but for the most part, just going from release to release. Have to remedy that situation, but at least Vintages has been releasing a lot of stunning rieslings.

A great summer to look forward to. Having some old rieslings soon, alongside great food and friends. Bordeaux En Primeur as well, which I've been breathlessly writing about lately. The great beer event as well.

So, to another 100 posts of great wine, great dinners, and sunshine!

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