Tuesday, April 21, 2009


A bit starved for wine. No, that's the wrong word - thirsty's more like it.

I'm suffering from the most appalling thirst. Havn't been in the frame of mind to really enjoy a glass (or five) of any wine. That's going to change soon.

LCBO skipped a release this week. I feel like I've been really disciplined, really havn't bought anything in the last month. Will begin looking to buy and taste different wines.

I think I should try drinking more New World wines. Chile, Argentina, New Zealand, Oregon, and yes, California and Australia. Ironic, isn't it - I bitch and moan about how the Americans are ruining wine with their bad taste and high prices, but I still really want to try their wines because I think there is such a thing as a terroir-driven American wine. And I think there are American producers who understand and make the wines that I love.

So that's the plan - more New World wines this summer. How can I call myself a wine lover if I only drink the wines of France, Germany, Spain, and Ontario?

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  1. hhahaha. i like ur blog titles they are so funny.