Saturday, April 18, 2009

When have I felt this before...

...not since last April, when I was the last one in residence, preparing for an exam on the last day, in the last possible time slot. Yeah, thanks Professor Redekop, you cracked up, f*cking bastard prick. Thanks for that very first lecture, when you so eloquently told us, "Don't bother coming to class, just read the notes yourself." Thanks for insisting on posting all your notes on the most retarded platform ever, Math Viewer, forever screwing up my computer. Thanks for charging money for the course notes, because it was impossible to read them any other way. Thanks for making the course so convoluted that I didn't know whether I was taking a liberal arts finance class, or a graduate level statistics course. Thanks for giving us your shitty attitude every week, as if we weren't worth your time. Thanks for taking all those cigarette breaks, but refusing to allow students to walk out to take a piss.

Thanks for never returning emails. Thanks for taking your sweet ass time marking the finals, and keeping me on edge about whether I'd be able to get the credit or not the entire time I was in Japan.

Yeah, thanks you f*cking loser. Milk the university for all you can, before someone fires your ass for being the most incompetent, anti-intellectual academic in Canada. I hope you choke on your cig.


Oops, wasn't supposed to go there. Of all the people in academia I've met, I can't recall anyone else so uninterested in his work. Un-f*cking-believable.

Back to studying my CSC. The warm breeze is calling me to go out for a jog............

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