Friday, April 17, 2009

Wines, moved in

I am utterly exhausted, but relieved that all my wine is finally in what should be a long-term storage place. From one gracious friend to another, I hate imposing on people, but this is the best solution. Many thanks.

It was quite a process, getting everything out of the first house, transporting, then putting everything away. About 28 boxes in total - I couldn't believe it. It never seems so much, when you accumulate one or two boxes at a time. Really, really can't purchase anymore.


Had a glass of very old riesling kabinett today. Good complexity, but thinning out on the palate. Puckerish.


Sigh...still a lot of studying I have to do. Panicking a little, because I think I'm going to fail. Full day tomorrow as well. Taking in my Civic to the dealer, to switch out my winter tires and get an oil change.

Why does all this madness have to converge on one weekend?

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