Wednesday, May 13, 2009

1986 Porto

1986 Dow's

1986 Dow's Colheita Port

Colheita port is one of my weaknesses. Quite irresistible. This port was bottled in 2008, giving it 22 years in cask. Since the general rule of thumb is to consume these wines within a year of bottling, it provided the perfect excuse to open. And really, you can never drink too many wines from your birth year.

Havn't finished it yet, so I will supplement these notes as I continue tasting. Upon opening, this wine has a luminous, almost fiery orange robe. A bit amber, but quite reddish in the core. Evident youth. Much fresher on the nose than the 1980 and 1981 Colheita ports I've tasted. There's the caramel and dried dates, but also some fresh red berries and floral elements.

On the palate, there's good acidity with great velvety texture and weight. Long, ethereal finish. A bit rough from the brandy, but I expect it to smooth out with air.

I love these wines. Sturdy drinks, that've seen oxygen all their lives. Truly, one of the great sweet wines of the world.

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