Sunday, May 24, 2009

2004 Côtes de Castillon

2007 Château de L'Estang

2004 Château de L'Estang, AC Côtes de Castillon

I have a bit of a history with this wine. I adore the wines of the Côtes de Castillon, which offer great value for money. Not too thrilled about the prize that they advertise on the bottle, but this wine is decent.

This was the second bottle of wine I opened on Friday. Ended up drinking most of the bottle. Provided a great comparison to the Chants de Faizeau - both are from regions close to each other, are grown on similar soils, and composed of roughly the same varietals. But, they couldn't have been more different expressions of merlot.

Good colour, redder than the last wine, with just the slightest, slightest clearing at the rim. Fantastic sheen. A much more rustic nose, with ripe red fruits, earthiness, and a touch of brettanomyces. Spicy. Elegant on the palate, with good, ripe fruit. Very well-balanced, with woolly and firm tannins. I like this wine. Offers much more than expected.

I have 2 more bottles put away, this wine is going to need a few more years.

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