Sunday, May 24, 2009

2004 Montagne Saint-Émilion

2004 Château Chants de Faizeau

Château Chants de Faizeau, AC Montagne Saint-Émilion

This was an awkward bottle, in more ways than one. I opened it on Tuesday, intending to finish it. Wasn't really having a good day, and sometimes you just need to pound the alcohol.

I'm still not sure - is this the second wine of Château Faizeau or not? The label indicates that it is, but I wasn't able to find anything online, and the folks at LCBO weren't able to give me a straight answer either. I'm going with my gut, and say that it is. I'm a huge fan of Faizeau - they really know how to farm merlot and showcase how fascinating a varietal it can be.

I drank a glass on Tuesday, commenting on its firm structure, with emerging dark fruits and minerals. Promising. I wasn't able to touch it until Friday, and the few days in the fridge didn't seem to hurt. Dark red colour, impressive saturation to the rim. Looks very, very young. Good intensity on the nose of jammy, confected dark berries, with an underlying minerality. Some elegance on the palate, although the components aren't complementing each other as well as they should. A bit awkward. Very firm, big tannins.

The fruit is far too confected. This wine is made in the modern style - a shame considering the appellation can produce merlot of great complexity. It's as if they're trying to do too much. Maybe I'm being too premature in my judgement, but this wine is clearly lacking.

I really hate wines that become undrinkable as the night goes on. They, however, excel in helping you practice your spitting technique.

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