Sunday, May 31, 2009

2005 Paso Robles

2005 Eberle Steinbeck Vineyard

2005 Eberle Syrah, Steinbeck Vineyard, Paso Robles

I can't sleep, hence the late night posting. Another Californian wine, another disappointment.

Gary Eberle is supposedly the first person in America to plant syrah. Add on the fact that Paso Robles is reputed to be the premiere appellation for syrah, this bottle brings with it considerable prestige and raised expectations. For $29, it had better deliver.

Deep red colour, full saturation. Initial nose of jammy red fruits - cherry, raspberry, etc. Full in the mouth, with ripe, sweet tannins. Not a single sense of syrah characteristics. Nothing. I couldn't tell if this was a merlot, cabernet, or syrah - whatever it was, this did not taste like syrah. An unfortunate syrah masquerading as a cheap merlot.

24 hours in the fridge did it no favours. More jamminess on the nose, this time degrading into a cherry liquer aroma. Absolutely no varietal characters. This is not a syrah. Disappointing for a Paso Robles wine. Come on. Eberle, you can do much better.

Of all the Californian wines I've tasted over the past month, not a single one has impressed me. I've been reading online reviews - am I the only one in North America that feels this way about these wines? Waiting for the next release of Ridge Monte Bello. If that bottle disappoints as well, I'm swearing off California forever.


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