Monday, May 11, 2009

2007 Sicilia

2007 Feudo Montoni

2007 Feudo Montoni Grillo, IGT Sicilia.

I'm beginning to love obscure Sicilian white wines more and more. I find them infinitely more interesting than their red counterparts, mostly due to their balance and rich texture.

I drank this bottle over two days, opening on Friday. I don't think my friend really liked it, but I'm very enthusiastic about this wine. I can understand why's a rustic wine, and the style that I'm hoping to turn my friends towards.

This is a pale wine - light yellow in the core, but almost clears at the rim. Ripe citrus and sweet tangerine. Incredible amounts of silky, rich, wagyu beef fat in the mouth. Great texture.

Sicilian's know what they're doing, in terms of white wines. Look out.

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