Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Ahh, Chablis


See, this is why I love Asimov's writing. His blog piece, Looking Past Burgundy to Chablis.

I absolutely adore Chablis. Chardonnay is a noble varietal, but too often, it's made in a fat, blowsy style, with no charm and little character. Aging sur lie is not a true representation of great chardonnay! It's mainly a crutch, as is excessive oak, to mimic the nuances of true terroir.

Great Chablis is chiseled and austere. I love wines with high acidity, and Chablis satisfies cravings for aggressive, racy wines of great clarity and personality. They showcase the chardonnay grape in all its glory - there's a great buttery, creamy texture, and when the fruit is ripe, the wine is profound.

On top of all that, Chablis can be relatively inexpensive, alongside other white Burgundy. Waiting patiently for the 2007's to arrive...

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