Thursday, May 14, 2009

Carlsberg, courtesies

Carlsberg poker


Last Friday, courtesy of Matchstick, I hosted an event, in honour of Carlsberg pilsner. Carlsberg is one of the strongest beer brands internationally, and seem to have a chokehold on anything football (the real football, where you use your feet) related. So, with great excitement, I agreed to have a few friends over, and see if the beer in the bottle matched all the hype promised amidst all the glitz and glamour.

The lure of free beer proved to be strong. To the character that showed up to sign for a case and then promptly scurry away without so much as a thank're welcome. There was a surprisingly huge box of Carlsberg branded items left for us - I'll never have to buy another bottle opener again.

To make this relevant, let's ask ourselves a question. Is a dinner where only beer is served better than a dinner with wine? Can a definitive answer be provided? I don't think so. Depending on context, food served, the season - beer may plausibly be a worthy substitute for wine.

Carlsberg? Sure. As I was discussing with a friend before dinner, beer satisfies a different sensual experience than wine does. You very rarely want a wine to be thirst-quenching, but that's often the case with beer. It seems that the ability of beer to be refreshing and palate-cleansing is often a more valued property than its specific flavour profile. And in this context, Carlsberg excels. Easy-drinking, thirst-quenching, non-offensive light flavours that pair easily with a wide variety of dishes.


  1. thanks david. It was a really fun night, especially with the pictures part. so much joy in everyone's face :)

  2. I hope you guys enjoyed yourselves - and all the credit to the great photos goes to Rocky. I mean, I'm incredibly photogenic, but I can't take ALL the credit...

  3. it was a good time -- bonding and great food and drinks :)
    thanks for everything!

  4. Woot! It was an awesome night. We gotta do it again sometime! Hurray for Carlsberg.

  5. Thanks for leaving a comment, glad you enjoyed yourselves!