Thursday, May 14, 2009

Carlsberg Pilsner


Before I forget what I'm supposed to be doing here, some notes on the actual beer.

I enjoy Carlsberg. Not particularly intellectually stimulating, but sometimes your palate needs to take it easy. Light colour, decent head. Carlsberg beer has that smoothness on the palate, finishing with a nutty, bitter edge and slight hoppy flavour.

I must say, I find the new bottle design absolutely hideous. With no label, it reeks of the whole I have nothing to hide schtick. The curvy bottle shape doesn't help either. When I drink from the bottle, I want to look manly. The gentle hips and waist aren't exactly testosterone-y.

This is a good beer for large gatherings. It won't hold up to intense scrutinizing, but it's a decent, albeit simple, beer that won't offend anyone. And of course, the enlightened ones will meet me in the kitchen so we can share a glass or two of riesling, while the hordes who prefer mass-market, industrialized brews make merry outside.

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