Sunday, May 17, 2009


Lots of basketball to watch today. L.A. and Houston at 3:30.

Drank a lovely bottle of riesling last night, notes to follow. I think for now, my point and shoot Canon IXY will have to do.


Blogger's note:

9:16 pm: L.A./Houston was a bit anticlimactic, no? Rockets kind of rolled over, but the Lakers, when focussed, are a powerhouse. Kobe only scoring 14? No need to dominate when Gasol is gangbanging all comers in the paint.

Halftime of the Orlando/Boston game. Officiating is horrific. Dwight Howard just picked up 2 idiotic fouls. Still has no post moves. You're making millions a year, you can't develop an 8 foot jumper?

Finishing up the riesling, I think I'm in the mood for some port later. Hope everyone's having a dandy long weekend.


10:43 pm: Boom! There goes Boston. Orlando put this away in the 3rd quarter. Turkoglu was big. So was Pietrus. You know why Boston lost? Karma, mes amis. Karma for Garnett being such a wanker, and karma for Marbury holding New York ransom for $20 million and collecting a paycheque for sitting on his ass while regular hard working folks are struggling in this economy.

Not that it matters for Orlando. Cleveland in 5.

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