Saturday, May 23, 2009

East Finals Game 2

Wow...what a game. Orlando came out soft once again, double digit deficit at halftime, down by 23 in the third quarter. Almost scripted - Cleveland let them chip away, until it was tied on a Turkoglu three. And then, with 8 seconds left, the Turk hits what I thought was the game-winner. One second left in the game. What happened next was the kind of legendary play that no one ever forgets. King James for three to win the game.

I was screaming after that play in the basement. Profusely sweating, absolutely jumping with delirium, I hope none of the neighbours heard because it was 11:30pm. That was the most unbelievable play I've ever seen. I've been hesitant to say this, as I've followed LBJ's career since he was drafted - but now there's no denying. We are all witnesses.

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