Thursday, May 28, 2009

For the beach

Funny how these things happen. I've been thinking about the beach this entire week. And just now, on FB, I happened upon someone's beach photos. I've known this person for quite some time, and to say we had a strained relationship is a bit of an understatement. We were close friends, things happened - lack of maturity on both our parts. In any case, I was going through these photos, and it made me want to lie on some sand.

I'm not a beach person, by any means. I don't tan, I sunburn easily, and sand gets everywhere. But the idea of lying around all day appeals to me. So, the question is, what to drink on the beach?

I would drink sparkling wines. Not Champagne, of course. But a nice cava or prosecco or Crémant d'Alsace would be delightful. Add an umbrella, sunscreen, and a beautiful woman in something skimpy, and you have all the ingredients for a marvelous time in the sun.

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